Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Blogger for Android review: Getting better

Google released a new Blogger for Android and I'm happy to report that it is an improvement over the past version. I blog from everywhere. I used to use the Springpad App to capture the initial ideas before forming them into posts. Then, it would be a cut and paste away from being posted via the Blogger web interface. Then, I switched to the previous version of the Blogger App. I used it at every opportunity I could. Then I hit a bug. I could live with idiosyncrasies of the app but when it became destructive, I ditched it. But before that, I had used almost all of the features it offered, perhaps working it enough to find that bug.
The best new thing about this version is the way it allows you to manage posts. In the past, it used to be in one long list. But now, you can view them separately. You can safely view and edit  drafts and not have to worry about accidentally opening a published post.
I reviewed a more recent version of the Blogger app for Android here.

It still has this strange habit of putting you in html editing mode when you edit a draft post. The fear is, I guess, is that it will mess up the formatting of a post. The editor in Blogger for Android is probably less sophisticated than the on-line version. Let's say you have already created a post in the on-line editor complete with graphics and complex formatting. Suddenly you need to change a sentence or two. So you open the post in the Blogger for Android app. It may not be able to render or edit the page correctly. Or worse, you edit that sentence and save and Blogger for Android strips out that extra formatting you have already done. By opening it in HTML mode, you can clearly see everything and is no more destructive than opening it with a text editor.
Ultimately, you have to ask yourself what is it that you are looking for in the Blogger Android App. If it is post management with a little bit of editing to correct spelling mistakes or change a sentence or two, then you should consider your wishes answered. If you are looking for a client to do mobile blogging with captioned snapshots taken with your phone's camera, this is probably what this app was written for. But a replacement for the web version,  it isn't.
The majority of this post is written on Blogger for Android but final editing was done on a PC. Specifically to insert the picture.


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