This blog is about me and computers.

Me and computers have been going at it since 1986. My first experiences was with an Apple ][e clone, WordStar, CP/M, Phantasie 1-3 before moving on to the IBM PC, PS/2, Modula-2, DOS, SCO Unix. Then came the leap to VT100s, SunOS, HP Unix, Vax,VMS, CMS, GeoWorks, IBM 3250, Printronix, X Windows, C, Ada and finally Linux. Oh, don't forget the Internet.

Windows came with Windows 3.1, Windows NT and Microsoft Office. Soon followed by NetWare, Ethernet, hubs, multiport bridges. MS Access, Caldera, GroupWise, Novell Standby Server and iMacs followed. Linux became iptables, squid, bind, sendmail, reiserfs, Palm.

Firewalls, network taps, switches turned into eTOM, Corba, Regex, SOA, with a side tour to CCTV, access control, smart-cards, readers, IPTV, FTTH. Very interested in BPEL and industrial automation but ended up with VMware, blades servers and VNC.

Now it's Blogs, SEO, Adsense, Analytics, podcasting and tech journalism.

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