Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Do not be afraid

I don't understand people fearing choice. Maybe it is the fear to choose. Or at least the fear of being wrong. Is that our problem. Is that why Linux on the desktop is slow starting, because the technical people a fearful? Fear of call center-overload?

I carry Knoppix around in my bag. Recently, I enquired around for a new laptop. I fell in love with these low-cost 12" monitor basic laptops. But the smaller it is, the more customised components it'll have. Which is bad news for Linux. But I wasn't deterred. I asked the sales guy about it and popped in the Knoppix CD. He was making a comment on how RedHat still requires command-line installation. But when Knoppix came on, he was blown away. So much so, he asked for a copy of the CD to kick around. I was tempted in giving away my outdated version but I still had a few shops to go to and their laptops to test. So I waited while he copied my Knoppix 3.7.
The moral of the story is always keep 2 copies of Knoppix around.

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