Thursday, March 10, 2011

My WDTV and I

Western Digital WDTV Full HD Media Player - RecertifiedI've said before that I have other topical blogs and they have been taking my time away from this. Now, I am even spending less time writing since I got the WDTV, a box that connects the amongst other things, the Internet to my TV. Thats right, YouTube and podcasts (via MediaFly and Flingo)on the big screen.
There has to be some Open Source / Linux goodness going on because the WDTV even behaves like an Open Source app. For example, the firmware update process is so simple it's down to pressing Yes or No. But thats not it. The fact that is asks to update the firmware and waits for your approval as opposed to downloading it and forcing you to restart the set top box, says a lot more about the people who built this.
The costs is relatively cheap compared to setting up your own MythTV box.  MythTV may do more but for most people, the WDTV is more than enough. Read the post here.

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